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The Inverness Tennis Club was started in April 1928 followed by California incorporation on September 20, 1928

Property was purchased for $800 in 1928 to build a tennis court at 81 Inverness Way in the first Valley of Inverness.  The Post Office on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. is the east end of the First Valley.  The tennis court is about 3 blocks west. 

The court was completed in 1929 and the first tournament was held over the Labor Day Weekend time period from August 31 to September 9, 1929

Efforts began in 1956 to locate property for a second court.  After a long effort, land was purchased on Vision Road on October 3, 1989 for $60,000.  Vision Road is the main road for the Second Valley.  Vision starts at Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  The court is close to the corner with Sir Francis Drake. 

The second court was completed in 1992 in time for the 1992 Labor Day Weekend Tournament,  

The By-laws adopted in 1928 provide for two primary membership classes.  A Family Life membership with members of the immediate family classified as Associate members.  The second primary class is titled as an Individual membership for adults with no dependents.

The initiation fee for a Family membership is $400.  The initiation free for Individual members is $250

Annual court fees are charged at an annual rate of $200 for Active members who play tennis or Pickleball during the year on the Club courts.  This new rate of $200 started in Spring of 2023. This fee covers play by the member's immediate family and guests.  

Social Non-Active Members now pay an annual rate of $100. 
There are no guest fees. 

For further information about membership in the Club, contact Terry Alshire at (415) 669-7269 ( or Bob Houghteling at 510-655-9002 (

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